Daily dose of creativity: Not all birds can sing

It's true - some birds have really bad voices and drive all the other birds bonkers with their crazy, off-pitch chirps. So why keep singing if it's so painful to the ear? Maybe they absolutely love doing it and don't care if they're good or not (or maybe they're completely tone deaf and can't tell the difference). Either way, allow yourself to do something for the pure enjoyment of it today...even if you suck at it! The creativity stage is not about being good or bad, right or wrong. It's about exploring the options and seeing where your imagination will take you. So let's get started: what's the silliest commentary you can think of for the birds in this cartoon?

Daily dose of creativity: Why dogs really have wet noses

Recent studies (and hidden cameras) have finally revealed why dogs really have wet noses. As it turns out, cats have been using them as toilet plungers for centuries! It's so fun to brainstorm our own "illogically logical" explanations for why things are the way they are. To get started on your absurdly clever thinking today: what do you imagine the wiener dog in this cartoon is thinking right now?

Daily dose of creativity: The Fat Eraser

Imagine if we could simply erase and redraw our fannies and other body parts we didn't like? From the beginning of time (and many hilarious episodes of "I Love Lucy"), man has come up with some wacky weight loss schemes. Keeping in that theme - what crazy, wacky, creative commentary can you think of for the woman in this cartoon?

Daily dose of creativity: Our strange world

Observing how man interacts with a stranger (reserved and guarded) versus how man interacts with a stranger dog (hugging, kissing, being kissed, showering it with all sorts of affectionate names, etc.) is hilarious. Why do we do that? Why do we act that way? In my previous article. The Art of People Watching, I discuss how observing our world is a fantastic source of endless inspiration (and amusement). Heeding my own advice, this fun cartoon is a direct result of that. So if you ever find yourself stuck for ideas, I again encourage you to go to a cafe or park to just people watch. You might be surprised how much it sparks your creativity.