She’s SO Creative Hostess Gifts!

Instead of bringing wine to that next soiree or housewarming party, consider bringing a clever She’s SO Creative gift! She’s SO Creative has recently expanded into kitchenware with fabulously fun, hostess gifts. ”Pasta Bowl” Apron (pictured top) literally features a bunch of pasta bowling and comes packaged in a Parmesan Cheese Container! “French Chicks” Apron, which features very Parisian looking chickens, is delightfully packaged in a real Egg Carton.

And “Salad Dressing” Apron, which literally features a salad getting dressed (i.e., a carrot in pantyhose, a tomato in bra and panties, and lettuce in evening wear and heels) is packaged in none other than a salad container. And of course, there’s matching shopping lists and napkins to boot!

They’re fun, they’re adorable, they’re eco-friendly AND they were recently featured by national publication,VegNews Magazine! So what are you waiting for? SHOP She’s SO Creative now!

Deliciously saucy, outrageously clever NOTEPADS!

She's SO Creative is thrilled to announce : we now have outrageously clever new NOTEPADS! Featuring our original witty drawings of French Chicks, Salad Dressing, and Pasta Bowl, the notepads are printed with the greenest inks possible on 100% recycled, highest quality paper stock. Measuring 3.5in x 8in, the notepads are chock full of 40 witty pages for all your thoughts, shopping lists, to-dos, and whatever your heart desires! Buy them HERE

What's New? She's SO Creative TEES!

We're bursting at the seams to announce that She's SO Creative has expanded: our super soft, outrageously clever TEES have arrived - and they're FANTABULOUS!! Stretching the literal to hilarious limits, our outrageously clever, super fine fabric cotton, graphic tees are silk-screened with saucy, sweet (and sometimes sassy) visual word plays. Check out Teenie Weenie Martini (an adorable martini drinking weenie dog), French Chicks (cigarette smoking, beret wearing poultry) and the "Ultimate Dream" fat eraser tee (inspired by the illustrator herself, who wishes she could simply erase and redraw a better fanny for herself). WOW - don't we ALL wish that!

Wear She's SO Creative's super fun, conversational tees for yoga, Pilates, or any occasion at all. These are seriously limited move your fanny and buy one before they're gone.